15.12.2017 friendly Inter Turku vs Haka

A lot of trialists at both, -1 asian hc for home before kick-off.

Looks like a home win indoors, but the Inter trialists are totally unknown whereas Haka are testing mostly Kakkonen players.

Edit:FT 5-2.


13.12.2017 U19 friendly Italia vs Finland

Finland have played unexpectedly badly this year. There are good players in the squad, but the management does not convince one bit. Finland will host the finals next summer in Vaasa and Seinäjoki, without that position they would never make it to the finals!

Handicap for Italy has dropped to -1.75 or even -2 at asian markets, and looking at the FIN results recently it is no wonder but let us see what happens today!

This Soccerway screenshot misses a few recent FIN matches, the worst ones..

Which are here...


FIN friendly season: Viikingit vs FC Espoo 10.12.2017 @Pallomylly

Club friendly.

A few points remember regarding these kind of matches:

  • Both clubs test a lot of players
  • Both clubs rotate a lot at half-time,possibly the whole squad
  • As it is indoors and late it is unlikely to be full 90 minutes. Very likely the lights will be shut exactly at 22:30 local time, and it is unlikely it starts on time.
  • --> some bookies like Singbet may use this as their own advantage when settling bets, Bet365 is safer in case you can use silly books like that
  • There may be lineups available at Twitter, but as it is the  first happening for the clubs for a long time not even having a good lineup on paper makes a club very interesting
  • Odds likely to go down on the favourite anyway, but it does not usually have anything to do with the match facts.
  • Recommendation: Stay out if, unless you are at venue where golden opportunities may or may not arise.