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League Home Away
01.08.11 Mon Kakkonen A Sudet Pallohonka
01.08.11 Mon Ykkönen AC Oulu FC PoPa
01.08.11 Mon Ykkönen HIFK FC KooTeePee
01.08.11 Mon League Inter RoPS
03.08.11 Wed CL Dinamo Zagreb HJK
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen A KTP FC Futura
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen A MPS LPS
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen A MP FC Kuusysi
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen A Kiffen Atlantis FC
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen A KäPa IF Gnistan
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B Ilves-Kissat SalPa
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B FC Jazz P-Iirot
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B TiPS JäPS
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B Närpes Kraft MuSa
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B Åbo IFK Turun Toverit
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B LoPa BK-46
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen B Ilves TPV
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C Vasa IFK FC Kiisto
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C WJK Riverball
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C YPA GBK
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C FC Vaajakoski ViPa
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C Pallo-Kerho 37 HauPa
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C Tornion Pallo-47 FC Santa Claus
03.08.11 Wed Kakkonen C SJK JBK
04.08.11 Thu Kakkonen A Pallohonka GrIFK
04.08.11 Thu Kakkonen A Klubi04 Sudet
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen A FC Kuusysi KTP
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen B JäPS LoPa
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen B Ilves TiPS
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen B SalPa Turun Toverit
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen C WJK FC Santa Claus
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen C Riverball FC Vaajakoski
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen C FC Kiisto HauPa
06.08.11 Sat Kakkonen C ViPa Vasa IFK
06.08.11 Sat Ykkönen FC PoPa PK-35
06.08.11 Sat Ykkönen PS Kemi HIFK
06.08.11 Sat Ykkönen OPS Jippo
06.08.11 Sat League Inter Jaro
06.08.11 Sat League JJK HJK
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen A FC Futura Atlantis FC
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen A Sudet MP
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen B P-Iirot Närpes Kraft
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen B FC Jazz BK-46
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen B MuSa Ilves-Kissat
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen C GBK Tornion Pallo-47
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen C Pallo-Kerho 37 JBK
07.08.11 Sun Kakkonen C SJK YPA
07.08.11 Sun Ykkönen FC Espoo KPV
07.08.11 Sun Ykkönen FC lahti AC Oulu
07.08.11 Sun Ykkönen FC KooTeePee FC Hämeenlinna
07.08.11 Sun League Honka KuPS
07.08.11 Sun League Mariehamn VPS
07.08.11 Sun League MyPa TPS
07.08.11 Sun League RoPS Haka


Kakkonen C 30.7

SC Riverball - SJK -2,75 2 66% 1,66 7/10 Sbobet
SC Riverball - SJK O3.75 55% 1,94 4/10 Sbobet
HauPa- FC Vaajakoski O3.0 60,5% 1,76 4/10 Sbobet
HauPa - FC Vaajakoski +0,5 2 60% 1,94 6/10 Sbobet
FC Santa Claus - VIFK +1 2 69% 1,92 5/10 Sbobet
FC Santa Claus - VIFK O3.0 59% 1,91 5/10 Sbobet
ViPa - Warkaus JK +0.0 2 56% 1,90 2/10 Sbobet
ViPa - Warkaus JK O2.75 60% 1,76 2/10 Sbobet
Kiisto - GBK O2.75 60% 1,76 2,5/10 Sbobet

HauPa - FC Vaajakoski 40 21 39
o/u 2.5: 69 31

Very important match here for both teams, I'm personally leaning towards FCV as they have easily the better squad from these two and a slightly better form too.

SC Riverball - SJK 1 3 96
o/u 2.5: 78 22

Only one thing interests me in this match, and that is whether there will be any odds offered at all. With these estimations the fair line for the handicap would be -3,5 and 4.0 for the total.

FC Santa Claus - VIFK 45 21 34
o/u 2.5: 68 32

The same thing from last week applies here as VIFK's squad isn't any worse than what Santa Claus has, even if I'm still not fully sold on VIFK's revival a +0.75 handicap would be more than okay.

ViPa - Warkaus JK 34 22 44
o/u 2.5: 64 36

I'd be happy to skip this match because I'm not that familiar with either team and luckily the euro bookie odds look rather uninteresting. edit: Have to try Warkaus, as I still rate ViPa as being among the worst along with Riverball and HauPa.

Kiisto - GBK 41 22 37
o/u 2.5: 63 37

Kiisto looks to be in downswing but they haven't played that bad even though their losing streak is now at 3. GBK's winning streak isn't fooling the bookies so the handicap is unlikely to yield any betting opportunities.


FC YPA - PK-37

One additional bet: FC YPA - PK-37 -0,5 1 ~50% 2,09 2/10 Sbobet

HJK-TV; HJK - Dinamo Zagreb FT 1-2

Kakkonen C 29.7

FC YPA - PK-37 O2.75 62% 1,66 4/10 12bet

FC YPA - PK-37 54 20 26
o/u 2.5: 66 34

YPA is obviously the better team here, but by looking at Veikkaus odds it seems that PK-37 will get some heavy reinforcements from KuPS today, so until they're known I'm not that eager to put anything on YPA, who aren't in that hot form either compared to PK-37, who've shown their true colors lately.


HJK - Dinamo Zagreb FT 1-2, a good game but..

not good enough and HJK were this time on the receiving end and got tired towards the end of the match.
On Saturday MIFK at home, on Wednesday Zagreb away.


CL, is it again HJK´s turn?

For the first time in years there is a realistic chance for a Finnish club to reach at least Europa League group stage. HJK this season are a lot stronger than last when they were kicked out by Partizan Belgrad. Are Zagreb stronger than them? Weaker? The same level?

One thing is for sure, it is only goals that count and possibly there are a few of them already tomorrow at sold out HJK´s stadion in my beloved Töölö.

An excellent analysis of HJK at "I went for the ball".

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Ykkönen Wed & Thu

Both matches, as almost all the matches this season of great importance.


Lahti - PK-35 preview at local FA

This is purely a piece of surreal art. Just wonder why they bother publishing these if they do not care a shit?

Kakkonen C 24.7

Warkaus JK - VIFK +0,75 2 62,5% 1,98 2/10 Sbobet
Warkaus JK - VIFK O3.0 52% 2,00 1/10 Sbobet
GBK - SC Riverball O3.25 59% 1,80 5/10 Sbobet
PK-37 - FC Vaajakoski O3.0 63,5% 1,73 7/10 Sbobet
PK-37 - FC Vaajakoski +1,25 2 61% 1,86 3/10 Sbobet

Warkaus JK - VIFK 45 22 33
o/u 2.5: 63 37

VIFK has the better team on paper, but they haven't exactly sorted out whatever problems they're having. Warkaus hasn't been good either lately so +0,75 would be okay in my mind.

GBK - SC Riverball 80 12 8
o/u 2.5: 73 27

GBK has ran off five wins in a row, albeit the opposition has not been the best around and with the hapless season Riverball is having it's unlikely that there will be anything interesting to bet on as GBK will likely be a bit overrated right now. edit: and GBK might miss some of their best players(Ebongue, Roiko plus suspended Smith), but betting on Riverball is not an option.

PK-37 - FC Vaajakoski 56 19 25
o/u 2.5: 71 29

FCV were pounded by SJK last week, but if I were them I wouldn't have given full effort anyway. They'll get their best player Karlstedt back, but any information on PK-37's KuPS loans is naturally of great interest. Though the points difference is huge, quality difference is not so +1,25 or similar would be worth a small bet. edit: PK-37 has actually bothered to put up a preview, and there's no one from KuPS and they also have problems of their own as couple of their more experienced players are suspended.


Kakkonen C 23.7

FC Santa Claus - FC YPA +0,25 2 54% 2,00 2/10 Sbobet
FC Santa Claus - FC YPA O3.0 63% 1,96 9/10 Sbobet
SJK - HauPa -2 1 69% 1,62 4/10 Sbobet
SJK - HauPa O3.25 57% 2,08 4/10 Sbobet
ViPa - TP-47 -0,5 2 56% 1,93 3,5/10 Sbobet

FC Santa Claus - FC YPA 41 21 38
o/u 2.5: 71 29

Handicap will likely not raise any interest(or it does, I don't know why the asian bookies didn't follow the european odds), but the traditional over bet for a Santa Claus home game is always attractive especially against an opponent like YPA.

SJK - HauPa 90 7 3
o/u 2.5: 72 28

SJK misses their midfield maestro Sund, which certainly makes the handicap not that interesting. In addition to that, HauPa has just been a nightmare for me to predict even though they're local, latest example being last week when they played their best game of the season vs Santa Claus, so I've heavily cut the stakes on this game. On the other hand, HauPa has been pretty poor in their away games for the last couple of months, so that makes me not completely skip this.

ViPa - TP-47 22 22 56
o/u 2.5: 56 44

TP-47 continues to play strongly, though they were a bit lucky last week, and they're easily the second best team this season, 1,93 is worthy enough for me.


Highlights Ilves-Kissat - Pallo-Iirot FT 0-1

Kakkonen C 22.7

Kiisto - JBK +1,25 2 60% 1,80 2/10 Sbobet

Kiisto - JBK 56 21 23
o/u 2.5: 63 37

JBK is having some trouble with missing players, but as said I don't rate Kiisto that highly so the +1,25 is worth a small bet.


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MP - Pallohonka highlights FT 2-1

Kakkonen C 20.7

GBK - PK-37 54 20 26
o/u 2.5: 67 33

GBK has much more quality in their squad, but I'd like some information on PK-37's possible KuPS loans as the 1,93 is a bit too much on the edge. Total is certainly not interesting at 3.25.


HJK - Bangor City Ft 10-0

Bangor City report

"City were given the harshest of lessons by the Finnish champions who won the tie 13 - 0 on aggregate. 

Bangor made a solitary but offensive change compared to the first leg line up with the introduction of Kyle Wilson in place of midfielder Craig Garside.

If the aim was to take the game to the home side it was an admirable one.    But from the offset it was blues goalkeeper Lee Idzi who was in the thick of the action as HJK set about his goal with Riihilati twice going close in the opening ten minutes and Sumusalo firing wide. 

Idzi saved from Moren and Ring as pressure mounted but Bangor negotiated the opening twenty minutes safely.   

On the half hour Peter Hoy did well to deny the dangerous Pukki and two minutes later Chris Jones went close after Nicky Ward delivered a freekick following a foul on him by Lindstrom.

On 33 mins Michael Johnston was shown the yellow card for a foul on the pesky Pukki.   But as blues fans thought they might reach half time without incurring any damage Alex Ring scored moments after City had won a freekick. 

Rafinha and Pukki went close, Lee Idzi again to the fore, but on 44 minutes the tall figure of Berat Sadik doubled the lead and brought the curtain down on a two nil advantage for the Finnish champions.   Disappointing but not disasterous for the Welsh Premier champions.


Eight second half goals followed as Bangor were blown away in a nightmare second period.

Kosovan winger Erfan Zeneli made it 3-0 two minutes after the restart and Pukki might have made things worse moments later. But on 50 mins City won a rare freekick sent in by Nicky Ward but Peter hoy missed the target. Two minutes later a foul on Sadik yielded a freekick from which Brazlian midfielder Rafinha made it four.   

By now the visitors defence were struggling to cope but as Bangor managed to threaten Alan Bull forced a save from Wallen. However on 54 mins it was 5-0 as Erfan Zeneli netted his second. 

Two minutes later a double substitution saw Peter Hoy replaced by Clive Williams and Mike Walsh come on for Chris Jones. On 59 mins a double change also for HJK as Fowler and Kastrati came on for Riihilati and Sadik.   

But three goals in as many minutes made a mockery of any changes as first Teemu Pukki on 64, then substitute Kastrati and no sooner the restart that Teemu Pukki again on 67 to make the score 7-0 on the night and ten nil overall. 

Four minutes later it was 9-0 as Parikka netted which prompted a final substitution with Craig Garside coming on for a weary Les Davies - and promptly receiving a yellow card for a foul on Ring. Bangor responded but Alan Bull fired wide.   

There was one final blow to bear as Kastrati finished the scoring with a telling tenth goal on the night to seal a thirteen nil aggregate victory for the Finns who now go on to meet Dynamo Zagreb.  

19 July 2011

SJK - Leyton Orient

Over 3.0 at 1,83 looks appealing as I expected something around 3.25, but I'd prefer to wait for SJK line-up in case they rest some of their key players, which would of course be logical.

edit: SJK looks to be full strength: Fernando, Rauhala, Lähitie, Taimi, Ylinen, Sipilä, Sund, Cleaver, Price, Ylihärsilä, Meyer