Holiday time

The very busy - fortunately also very profitable - season of Finnish football is over and I am off for holidays for a  couple of months. After relaxing a bit there will be a thorough data mining of what really happened at 2011 and why, what went well betting-wise and what went wrong. The results will be for personal use and development only, very few picks were publicly published so it would be silly to start referring to them now.

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Next Newsletter however will not be out for some time as the season just finished, but when it is out you better be prepared!


Season 2011 finished

To end it with style here is Jari Litmanen coming from the pitch - perhaps for the last time - in the game vs Haka after another fantastic performance.


Always reliable Sonera Tulospalvelu NEVER fail

Though at times they are a bit ahead of themselves, like today as they have already started the Haka - KuPS match. Never trusted the service and probably never will. Amateurs of the highest rank. Well done lads, once again.


Ykkönen 2011 final standings

Lahti promoted, 4 bottom teams relegated to Kakkonen.

Veikkausliiga - 2 rounds to go

32nd round on Wednesday, a few strong ideas if the odds stay on this on match day, of course in several matches there is no stakes left and lineups must be carefully checked. Inter, Honka, JJK and TPS seriously in need of points.


Fin-Swe U21 match transferred to Valkeakoski

The pitch at Turku - the home stadion of TPS and Inter - is in so poor and wet condition that today there can not be played. What about Thursday then for the league game?


Fin U19 at Switzerland on Sunday

Ville Kauppinen, FC Haka

Daniel O’Shaughnessy, HJK
Dani Hatakka, FC Honka         
Janne Saksela, PK-35
Thomas Lam, AZ Alkmaar

Nikolai Alho, HJK
Aleksi Paananen, KuPS
Joni Mäkelä, AC Oulu
Robin Lod, HJK 

Tim Väyrynen, FC Honka
Joel Pohjanpalo, HJK


Finland - Sweden FT 1-2

Match report here at  the Frozen Pitch.

Not much to add, especially the second half performance of Finland was the best in years and the horrid times of Stuart Baxter´s regime are vanishing from my mind. The team is young, talented, relaxed, confident and optimistic. UEFA stats.

Pukki vs Isaksson  (Pic from Helsingin Sanomat)

Good luck to Sweden as you are gonna need with it such performances. If history repeats itself you naturally are also gonna get it.

Euro calculator by Castrol

Finland today


                      Lukas Hradecky

Kari Arkivuo, Niklas Moisander, Joona Toivio,  Jukka Raitala

           Tim Sparv, Roman Eremenko, Alexander Ring

               Mika Väyrynen,  Kasper Hämäläinen

                                Teemu Pukki


Veikkausliiga round Oct 13-14

There is only the question of European spots for 2012 left. Inter, JJK, Honka and TPS fight for the 2 remaining spots.


MyPa - Haka at Veikkausliiga tonight - two shockingly weak teams out there!

The surprise-long season and short budgets have lead to this, two teams out there playing for nothing with players hardly worth for Ykkönen clubs. I am completely satisfied that this is not the TV game tonight!

Veikkausliiga champions 2011 - HJK!

Fin U19 vs Switzerland

Ville Kauppinen, FC Haka
Juhani Pennanen, AC Oulu

Daniel O’Shaughnessy, HJK
Johannes Nordström, IFK Mariehamn
Aapi Helvelahti, U.D. Dos Hermanas San Andrés
Patrick O'Shaughnessy, HJK
Dani Hatakka, FC Honka       
Nikolai Alho, HJK
Joni Mäkelä, AC Oulu
Tim Väyrynen, FC Honka
Kastriot Kastrati, FC Haka
Joel Pohjanpalo, HJK
Aleksi Paananen, KuPS
Antti Mäkijärvi, FC Honka
Robin Lod, HJK
Janne Saksela, PK-35
Thomas Lam, AZ Alkmaar
Solomon Duah, FC Inter

All HJK-players have been with Kakkonen squad Klubi04 actually, but the main organization is the same.

Fin U21 vs Sweden 10.10.2011

Saku-Pekka Sahlgren, HJK, 08.04.1992, 4/0
Walter Viitala, HIFK, 09.01.1992, 1/0

Jere Uronen, TPS, 13.07.1994, 1/0
Mikko Sumusalo, HJK, 12.03.1990, 16/0
Tero Mäntylä, FC Inter, 18.04.1991, 8/0
Tapio Heikkilä, FC Honka, 08.04.1990, 2/0
Tuomas Rannankari, FC Twente, 21.05.1991, 3/0
Timi Lahti, HJK, 28.06.1990, 9/0

Joni Kauko, FC Inter, 12.07.1990, 17/3
Duarte Tammilehto, FC Honka, 15.02.1990, 1/0
Rasmus Schüller, FC Honka, 18.06.1991, 9/0
Petteri Pennanen, TPS, 19.09.1990, 7/0
Juho Lähde, TPS, 11.02.1991, 7/0
Denis Abdulahi, Örebro SK, 22.05.1990, 9/1
Niko Markkula, JJK, 27.06.1990, 0/0

Juho Lehtonen, TPS, 03.08.1992, 1/0
Lauri Dalla Valle, Dundee United FC, 14.09.1991, 3/2
Ville Salmikivi, FC Viikingit, 20.05.1992, 0/0

Finland vs Sweden and Hungary

Otto Fredrikson, PFC Spartak Naltchik, 30.11.1981, 11/0
Lukas Hradecky, Esbjerg fB, 24.11.1989, 6/0

Niklas Moisander, AZ Alkmaar, 29.09.1985, 22/1
Petri Pasanen, FC Salzburg, 24.09.1980, 66/1
Joona Toivio, Djurgårdens IF, 10.03.1988, 6/0
Jukka Raitala, CA Osasuna, 15.09.1988, 8/0
Markus Halsti, Malmö FF, 19.03.1984, 4/0
Veli Lampi, FC Arsenal Kyiv, 18.07.1984, 24/0
Kari Arkivuo, BK Häcken, 23.06.1983, 11/1

Tim Sparv, FC Groningen, 20.02.1987, 15/0
Mika Väyrynen, Leeds United FC, 28.12.1981, 54/5
Kasper Hämäläinen, Djurgårdens IF, 08.08.1986, 17/5
Alexander Ring, HJK, 09.04.1991, 3/0
Daniel Sjölund, Djurgårdens IF, 22.04.1983, 30/2
Mika Ojala, FC Inter, 21.06.1988, 2/0
Roman Eremenko, FC Rubin Kazan , 19.03.1987, 38/1
Timo Furuholm, FC Inter, 11.10.1987, 3/1
Alexei Eremenko jr, FC Rubin Kazan, 24.03.1983, 52/13
Riku Riski, Örebro SK, 16.08.1989, 4/0
Mikael Forssell, Leeds United FC, 15.03.1981, 78/26
Berat Sadik, HJK, 14.09.1986, 8/0
Teemu Pukki, FC Schalke 04, 29.03.1990, 6/0
Roni Porokara, KFC Germinal B. Antwerpen, 12.12.1983, 20/5

Paulus Arajuuri from Kalmar FF to replace Pasanen.


Andreas Isaksson, PSV Eindhoven
Johan Wiland, FC Kööpenhamina

Pierre Bengtsson, FC Kööpenhamina
Andreas Granqvist, Genoa
Mikael Lustig, Rosenborg
Daniel Majstorovic, Celtic
Olof Mellberg, Olympiakos
Jonas Olsson, West Bromwich
Martin Olsson, Blackburn

Emir Bajrami, Twente
Rasmus Elm, AZ Alkmaar
Johan Elmander, Galatasaray
Alexander Gerndt, Utrecht
Samuel Holmén, Istanbul BB
Tobias Hysén, IFK Göteborg
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Milan
Kim Källström, Lyon
Sebastian Larsson, Sunderland
Anders Svensson, Elfsborg
Ola Toivonen, PSV Eindhoven
Pontus Wernbloom, AZ Alkmaar
Christian Wilhelmsson, Al Ahli Doha


Gábor Király (1860 München)
Ádám Bogdán (Bolton)
Norbert Csernyánszki (Paksi FC)

Pál Lázár (Samsunspor)
József Varga (DVSC)
Zsolt Korcsmár (Brann Bergen)
Roland Juhász (Anderlecht)
Vilmos Vanczák (Sion)
Zoltán Lipták (ei seuraa)
Péter Halmosi (Haladás)

Vladimir Koman (Sampdoria)
György Sándor (Videoton)
Ákos Elek (Videoton)
Tamás Hajnal (Stuttgart)
Zoltán Gera (West Bromwich)
Balázs Dzsudzsák (Anzhi Mahatshkala)
Krisztián Vadócz (NEC Nijmegen)
Péter Czvitkovics (Kortrijk)

Gergely Rudolf (Panathinaikos)
Imre Szabics (Sturm Graz)
Tamás Priskin (Ipswich)

Kakkonen C 2011

There was no stopping of SJK and we all knew it, apart from asian bookies though but I am not complaining. With the relegation of JBK there is a need for a new reserve team for FF Jaro for the next season.

Top scorer from SJK, where else?

All results of 2011

Kakkonen B 2011

BK-46 & Ilves to promotion play-offs. BK-46 face Klubi04 from A, Ilves get the biggest favourites SJK from C. The bottom-4 were a disgrace even for this amateur level - but excellent teams to back against!

The best scorer came from Pallo-Iirot, but it did not help them  higher than 3rd place in the group.

All results 2011

Kakkonen A 2011

Klubi04 to face BK-46 in the promotion play-offs first stage Oct 15th.

Best goalscorer is 17 yo Joel Pohjanpalo from Klubi04, along with Lod and Alho they should be able to join the champions HJK at least for the friendly season.

All results


Honka - TPS highlights FT 1-1

Thank you KuPS! (nc)

Line-ups MIFK - HJK

HJK are likely to seal their title of 2011 here and they field pretty much best possible line-up for this. MIFK without gk Wicks and I am very doubftul of Rasimus or Gadzo being good enough here either. MIFK look undangerous upfront and HJK should score a couple here. -1 available and it does not look like a losing bet, but last time in the summer HJK lost.

Veikkausliiga; line-ups FF Jaro - VPS

Derby, and extra points would not hurt either of them though RoPS are still quite a lot behind. Jaro without important Teles and Aho, VPS are not that ideal either and I would like to see Bernhardt playing. Can not see huge value anywhere, Jaro for sure play better but having Öst as a gk is an increased risk with his unexperience on this level. Jaro available at 1.95, I skip them with that price as local pays better, but it is not a bad one if Jaro are having a good day


Line-ups Honka - TPS

Honka as expected and strong, from TPS Maluka seems to be out of place. Honka will win the midfield battle and ball position at least, if Savage is on fire Honka should win - by a 50 % probability.


Kakkonen 2011 final round results

Goals promised, and delivered.

Kakkonen C 1.10.

Kiisto - SJK -0,75 2 73% 1,92 5/10 Sbobet
Kiisto - SJK O3.25 54% 1,90 2/10 Sbobet
SC Riverball - VIFK O3.0 56,5% 1,82 1/10 Sbobet
SC Riverball - VIFK -0,75 2 71% 1,80 5/10 Sbobet
GBK - Warkaus JK -0,75 2 63,5% 1,86 5/10 Sbobet
GBK - Warkaus JK O3.25 57% 1,84 3/10 Sbobet
FC Vaajakoski - FC YPA -1 2 67,5% 1,9 5/10 Sbobet
HauPa - ViPa -0,5 1 50% 2,06 3/10 Sbobet
TP-47 - PK-37 U3.25 54% 2,11 3/10 Sbobet
JBK - FC Santa Claus +0,5 2 56% 2,02 3/10 Sbobet

Kiisto - SJK 10 14 76
o/u 2.5: 70 30

Kiisto have actually managed to win two games in a row but in hindsight they've not been that impressive as both Warkaus and Santa are a mess right now. SJK is probably going to rest some unnamed players but the slight rivalry and a chance for an undefeated season should provide motivation for them.

SC Riverball - VIFK 10 15 75
o/u 2.5: 66 34

The away team is still playing very good and as the class difference is huge it's VIFK or nothing here.

GBK - Warkaus JK 68 16 16
o/u 2.5: 72 28

Warkaus is playing for their lives but with their current form they're likely better off in hoping that Santa will win at Pietarsaari. GBK supposedly missed nearly a dozen players last week but almost all of their key players played so I don't know where the fuss came from. Along with GBK win, over looks to be a very probable outcome.

FC Vaajakoski - FC YPA 12 14 74
o/u 2.5: 77 23

One thing should be sure and it's that there should be plenty of goals scored. FCV took a suprise point from Rovaniemi but otherwise they've been so poor that YPA is a heavy favorite even away from home.

HauPa - ViPa 50 21 29
o/u 2.5: 64 36

On a hunch HauPa looks a very likely winner as they're a very strong home team and playing quite good, like for example totally dominating YPA in the first half of last week's game.

TP-47 - PK-37 56 20 24
o/u 2.5: 64 36

Nothing at stake, TP-47 a bit better and the home advantage means 1,80 and above would be worth a try.

JBK - FC Santa Claus 44 21 35
o/u 2.5: 68 32

Almost a must-win for JBK but the odds are just laughable at 1,70. Santa has more quality in their squad but they've underperformed all season long, best example being last week's FCV game. JBK hasn't been impressive either so +0,75 or +0,5 would be enough for a small bet.