Veikkausliiga odds for May 3rd

As usual the first odds can be seen here at asianodds.com

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Highlights of previous round here.

Finland : Veikkausliiga - Odds From 188bet.com
Time GMT+0Betting event CurrentOpenTotal LineOver/Under
Finland : Veikkausliiga - 03/05/2015
14:00 FC KTP-0.252.040-0.252.0402.252.25over2.0802.080
VPS Vaasa+0.251.860+0.251.860under1.8201.820
14:00 FC Lahti-0.52.230-0.52.0902.252.25over2.0802.080
Inter Turku+0.51.710+0.51.810under1.8201.820
14:00 HJK Helsinki-1.51.840-1.51.8402.752.75over1.9801.980
FF Jaro+1.52.060+1.52.060under1.9201.920
14:00 IFK Mariehamn-0.252.160-0.251.9902.252.25over1.9801.980
14:00 Ilves Tampere01.86001.8402.252.25over2.0302.030
RoPS Rovaniemi02.04002.060under1.8701.870
14:00 SJK Seinajoki-11.860-11.8602.252.25over1.9801.980
HIFK Helsinki+12.040+12.040under1.9201.920


FIN early limits

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Veikkausliiga round 2 highlights


Highlights HJK vs Lahti FT 1-1

One extra late missing as Zeneli could not start and HJK had no wingers at all in the starting lineup. On the other hand Savage came in 2nd half after injury.

Bet of the day, HJK -1 @+2, markets are going crazy

Massive market moves towards FC Lahti, and as there is no sensible reason for it HJK are worth a bet today. No reason to suspect any foul play here either.

Rank 1 vs mid table team  who have performed badly the whole preseason and who miss 2 key players so this is no rocket science.

Finland : Veikkausliiga - Odds From 188bet.com
Time GMT+0Betting event CurrentOpenTotal LineOver/Under
Finland : Veikkausliiga - 19/04/2015
14:00 FC KTP+0.251.970+0.251.8902.252.25over1.9402.030
14:00 HJK Helsinki-12.130-1.251.9902.252.5over1.9101.980
FC Lahti+11.800+1.251.910under1.9901.920
14:00 IFK Mariehamn-0.51.980-0.51.9102.52.5over2.0001.980
HIFK Helsinki+0.51.940+0.51.990under1.9001.920
14:00 Inter Turku-0.752.000-12.1302.252.5over1.9702.140
Ilves Tampere+0.751.920+11.780under1.9301.770
14:00 SJK Seinajoki-11.930-11.9902.252.25over2.0401.980
RoPS Rovaniemi+11.990+11.910under1.8601.920


Suomencup 15 and 16 April recap

Suomencup 15-16 April
There were 16 teams left a this stage. Underneath are some thoughts about the games which are not meant to be summaries as such. Some matches I saw on venue, some from streams and the rest I followed the best I could from my usual sources. Links to highlights included to those matches with which available on the time of writing.

KuPS – Lahti 2-1 (0-0)
I got a bit worried with our KuPS pick as some big money came on Lahti’s side prior to kickoff but in the end there was nothing to be worried of. Lahti got wind on their side during first half and they were better and more dangerous. Second half this changed for KuPS advantage and they took the lead. After 2-0 at 75’ they should’ve scored third one. That would've been perfect for me having taken -0.5 and also the greedy options of -1.5 and -2.5. KuPS player McCarthy took second yellow card at 85’ after which Lahti scored at 91’ and got good pressure in the final minutes. In the end score 2-1 was pretty fair result.
Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkL_lDGEUHw

PK35Vantaa – HJK 1-2 ET (1-1FT, 0-0HT)
I had high expectations for the reign Finnish champions in this match. PK35 plays on one step lower level in Ykkönen and had several important absentees. HJK disappointed me a big time. HJK lineup wasn't optimal but better than I expected. PK35 was well in the game the whole match and HJK was not dominating at any point. HJK took more or less deserved lead at 66’ just to see PK35 to equalize at 83’. HJK substitute Havenaar showed his level on extra time and scored the winning goal. Cannot say it was that deserved as extra time was more or less 50-50.
HJK TV highlights available here (you will not get the right picture of this match by watching this as HJK media team “forgot” to include any PK35 chances) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VeU7FSKxAI

Ilves – MIFK 0-2
Both teams had their moments and neither had optimal lineup. Pretty poor match in overall but that’s what it is in Finland in the beginning of the season. I’ll try to keep positive and say good things about clubs in general but at this point of the year it always seems nearly impossible. MIFK scored their second goal on added time.

KPV – HIFK 0-2 ET (0-0FT)
KPV is a Kakkonen (third tier) club who already defeated another Veikkausliiga club Jaro in Suomencup on an earlier round and it didn't look too far stretched that they’ll might do another heroic act and defeat HIFK too. They did put up a decent fight and it was hard to imagine that there’s two division difference between these clubs. HIFK has a lot more scoring changes and had the possession. They should’ve managed to win this in regular 90 minutes playing time but I cannot say I was too surprised to see that not happening.
Highlights here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gNSao7RH8Y

AC Oulu – PS Kemi 4-3 Pen. (3-3 ET, 3-3 FT, 2-1HT)
This is the one match from which I got the least information during the match. Published match reports don’t say much either. Having had Kemi-0.5 on my pockets with big odds I already cheered for having a won bet when my bookies had shown that they had played for 90+7 minutes and the match disappeared from the list. Then I rechecked from elsewhere and it appeared AC Oulu had equalized literally in the final moment. According to the Finnish FA it happened at 94’. Not like this would’ve been enough, the equalizer was scored by AC Oulu gk… Okay, sure I’ve won a lot of late bets during my time and this goal might have been more than deserved. It’s part of the business but even so, goals like this never feel good.
Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRhq1IAP60c

FC Inter – RoPS 7-3 (3-1)
Really confusing match I must say. I still don’t know what to say about it having watched it live from stream and gone through everything again this morning. In brief all I can say is that RoPS tactic totally failed them and Inter exploited their weaknesses more than well. First four Inter goals were scored by Vincent Onovo. What a great night for him!
Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0owmJfdQZYM

Haka – Musa 4-3 Pen (2-2ET, 2-2FT, 2-0HT)
This should’ve been a piece of cake for Haka. It really should’ve been. They are one of the top Ykkönen (second tier) teams while MuSa is a newly promoted Kakkonen (third tier) team. Market doesn’t tell the whole truth but gives a some kind of picture – Haka opened as -1.5 favorites and by the kick off they were favorites with -2.25 line. Haka was nothing great in this match but even so clearly the better team. Musa had also several scoring chances and this match was not the kind of total domination I expected it to be. Haka managed to take the lead at 10’ and had the match perfectly on their control. By the HT they were 2-0 up. On second half Haka improved and they had plenty of quality chances to kill this game but failed to do so. Haka coach obviously thought they had already won this match and substituted three regulars/important players out and three youngsters/less played players in. Subs took place at 63’, 71’ and 82’. Even after the subs Haka created changes and everything looked good. But in the final minutes big underdogs Musa managed to score twice at 88’ and 91’ and took the match on extra time. Another horrorous ending for me as I had taken big bets on Haka -1.5 pregame. Musa was well in to the game on extra time and anymore it wouldn’t have been an injustice to see them scoring the winner. In the previous cup round Musa did the exactly same against newly promoted Ykkönen team EIF though with them it wasn’t something that unexpected. On that match EIF scored the first goal just before the HT and were comfortably just waiting the rest of the match to fade away. Musa equalized at 90’ and won on penalties. 

PKKU – BK46 4-1ET (1-1FT, 0-1HT)
In this clash between two Kakkonen clubs BK46 had the upper hand. They should’ve won this on regular time but after failing to capitalize PKKU did the job on the extra time. Not much else to comment on this one as it’s better to keep some information just for myself ;)

Quarter finals were drawn today 17 April and will be played on Sunday 26 April:

This post was first published here http://akaa89.blogabet.com/8691461

Antti / akaa89.blogabet.com


Freddy Adu´s debut at KuPS today!?

At least his paperwork is cleared and he is allowed to play, but he starts from the bench. Not sure  whether he minds that much, it is snowing in Kuopio ahead of the cup match vs Lahti.

If you do not know who Freddy is there is an article about his movements at Monkeyodds:

KuPS lineup:

Asian odds below, local joke of a bookie Veikkaus have dropped KuPS -0.5 already twice from 2.65 to 2.25. Muppets.

At Sportmarket there is +8k available at one click for the KuPS -0.25 @ 1.95.

Finland : Cup - Odds From 188bet.com
Time GMT+0Betting event CurrentOpenTotal LineOver/Under
Finland : Cup - 15/04/2015
16:30 KuPS-0.251.960-0.252.1302.252.25over2.0502.020
FC Lahti+0.251.940+0.251.780under1.8301.860
16:30 PK 35 Vantaa+2.251.840+1.752.0603.253over2.0701.860
HJK Helsinki-2.252.060-1.751.840under1.8102.020
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Veikkausliiga 2015 preview(s)

Now I am not going to write any myself this season in any language, but if I find any in English I will link them here.

First one here; and even if it is a rather decent one I need to stress that I have nothing to do with any of these.



If you find other ones please let me know.


What again happened in Veikkausliiga 2014?

HJK actually lost round vs RoPS and VPS lost vs MIFK in the early rounds, but both match results were changed in the cabinets  and the official stats are below.

HJK were once again outstanding, SJK proved to be good. TPS were weakest team as expected but the most interesting and sorry fact is that both MyPa and Honka were denied a league license for 2015 for financial reasons. A decision which should had taken place earlier.

2015 there is no MyPa nowhere, Honka continue at Kakkonen and they are coming back with an excellent squad.

1 HJK Helsinki3320946225+3769
2 SJK33161164026+1459
3 FC Lahti33151354523+2258
4 Vaasa PS33139113934+548
5 IFK Mariehamn33146134955-648
6 FF Jaro33128134747044
7 KuPS331111114444044
8 MyPa33109144154-1339
9 Rovaniemi33115173741-438
10 FC Inter33812134247-536
11 FC Honka33613143857-1931
12 Turku PS3366212960-3124

100% of regular season completed: 198 matches / 198

Home wins: 45%Over 1.5 goals: 73%
Draws: 28%Over 2.5 goals: 44%
Away wins: 27%Over 3.5 goals: 28%
Goals: 513Goals p. match (Home): 1.47
Goals p. match: 2.59Goals p. match (Away): 1.12
Both teams scored: 47%