Kakkonen 6.10.

TP-47 - KPV 65 17 18
o/u 2.5: 75 25

PK-37 - HauPa 62 17 21
o/u 2.5: 76 24

FC YPA - FC Santa Claus 73 14 13
o/u 2.5: 76 24

PS Kemi - AC Kajaani 70 15 15
o/u 2.5: 80 20

TP-47 - KPV is a match I will skip, too many unknown names starting for the home team and there aren't a lot of odds available either. YPA's match doesn't have any odds at all, so no reason to preview that. HauPa is fighting for their lives, but PK-37 is probably the last team that would just roll over due to their workman-like mentality and bald-headed player coach Lähderinne. However, the over should be a good option with ~1,40 available at some places. AC Kajaani has had a lot of problems with really bad teams lately, and now they're understandably resting some players. As we've learned from the other two slave galleys of Rovaniemi and OPS, the local players are laughably bad so I'll happily take the 1,60-level odds that are available for the home team, who despite resting some of their players should have enough to see off this weakened away team.

From Ykkönen AC Oulu over and OPS -0,25 look really appealing.