TamU - Jaro FT 1-4 highlights

A few beautiful goals here, Eremenko Jr and Zézé have the skill and the nerve;



Veikkausliiga 1x2 distribution 2010 after 20 rounds

Veikkausliiga 2010



Round 1 x 2 home away total 1 x 2
1 2 2 3 8 11 19

2 1 3 3 4 9 13

3 2 1 4 11 17 28

4 2 2 3 9 10 19

5 4 2 1 12 8 20

6 2 3 2 6 5 11

7 1 3 3 5 8 13

8 3 2 2 8 10 18

9 2 1 4 7 12 19

10 1 2 4 3 9 12

11 3 0 4 13 14 27

12 4 1 2 18 9 27

13 3 1 3 9 8 17

14 3 2 2 11 7 18

15 3 1 3 7 10 17

16 5 2 0 19 4 23

17 1 3 3 9 13 22

18 1 2 4 5 10 15

19 2 1 4 9 8 17

20 4 1 2 13 11 24

total 49 35 56 186 193 379 35,0 25,0 40,0 2,71
140 1 x 2 home away total 1 x 2 avg


Finland U21 vs. Poland and Liechtenstein

Lukas Hradecky Esbjerg fB 24.11.1989 9/0
Eemeli Reponen FC Inter 06.06.1990 0/0
Juhani Ojala HJK 19.06.1989 7/0
Jani Tanska VPS 29.07.1988 9/0
Mikko Sumusalo HJK 12.03.1990 7/0
Henri Toivomäki FC Lahti 21.02.1991 0/0
Ville Nikkari FC Inter 05.11.1988 11/0
Joona Toivio Djurgårdens IF 10.03.1988 8/0
Jukka Raitala *) TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 15.09.1988 25/0
Paulus Arajuuri Kalmar FF 15.06.1988 11/0
Mf & att
 Sebastian Mannström FF Jaro 29.10.1988 12/0
Joni Kauko FC Inter 12.07.1990 8/1
Rasmus Schüller FC Honka 18.06.1991 2/0
Riku Riski TPS 16.08.1989 8/1
Johannes Westö HJK 01.04.1991 1/0
Mika Ojala FC Inter 21.06.1988 16/2
Jonne Hjelm Tampere United 14.01.1988 8/4
Aleksei Kangaskolkka Tampere United 29.10.1988 8/1
Teemu Pukki HJK 29.03.1990 13/3
Akseli Pelvas HJK 08.02.1989 12/1
*only Liechtenstein

Finland vs. Holland and Moldova away in Sept 2010

Otto Fredrikson Spartak Naltchik 30.11.1981 7/0
Jukka Lehtovaara TPS 15.03.1988 1/0
Anssi Jaakkola SK Slavia Praha 13.03.1987 0/0

Veli Lampi Willem II 18.07.1984 20/0
Markus Heikkinen SK Rapid Wien 13.10.1978 53/0
Niklas Moisander AZ Alkmaar 29.09.1985 12/1
Petri Pasanen Werder Bremen 24.09.1980 58/1
Sami Hyypiä Bayer 04 Leverkusen 07.10.1973 103/5
Jonas Portin Ascoli Calcio 30.09.1986 0/0

Mf & att
Tim Sparv FC Groningen 20.02.1987 9/0
Mika Väyrynen SC Heerenveen 28.12.1981 44/4
Roni Porokara Örebro SK 12.12.1983 14/3
Roman Eremenko FC Dynamo Kyiev 19.03.1987 28/1
Jari Litmanen FC Lahti 20.02.1971 134/31
Jonatan Johansson TPS 16.08.1975 103/22
Kasper Hämäläinen Djurgårdens IF 08.08.1986 8/0
Mikael Forssell Hannover 96 15.03.1981 68/19
Alexei Eremenko jr FF Jaro 24.03.1983 44/13
Teemu Tainio Sunderland AFC 27.11.1979 52/6 --> Ajax, only Holland game
Joonas Kolkka *) NAC Breda 28.09.1974 98/11
Daniel Sjölund Djurgårdens IF 22.04.1983 23/2
Shefki Kuqi Swansea City FC 10.11.1976 60/

* Only Holland

MyPa - Haka preview Aug 30th 2010

Edit: MyPa odds rising a lot, 1,94 is already a good value bet. Probably the market are reacting to the new Haka players Lahti and Lehtinen, but as mentioned below they are not turning Haka into a winning team. MyPa line-up is the permanent they have had, the new guy is on the bench. Hopefully this rises even more.

MyPa – Haka

In about two months time both time have won only once in the league, and in both cases the unlucky loser has been TamU. In that light any big handicaps make no sense, and scoring is the key problem actually for both teams. Hakas other worries have been widely discussed here, but as they are finacially on their feet again – at least temporarily – and there has been player traffic also into Hakas direction they still have the survival in the league in their own hands.

MyPa played rather well in the Europa League ql, but conceding 3 goals on the second half in the away and decisive leg at Timisoara left them with only the league survival battle to fight for. They had been ranked as a black horse and a possible title contender before the season in some local experts mind, but I have never seen any indication of that and lower midtable , even the relegation battle is where they belong with their thin material who lack especially reliable strikers. Votonow and Ricketts have scored a few and they had a good run, but they would never make my team.

Haka got a youngster Timi Lahti who has spent several years in Italy with Padova organization and their own ex-striker Toni Lehtinen also returns from his spell in Europe. They are well needed, but Haka have problems all over the pitch and the midfield is probably the worst part, what do you do with the striker who never gets a ball from his midfielders?

I mentioned before that Haka will grab points every now and then when given a chance against another team who can not keep up the pace and pressure throughout the game, I am not sure if this is one of the cases but neither of the teams is appealing at current odds.

Haka miss defender Markus Joenmäki and long-term injured Kalle Parviainen, striker Jukka Santala – who btw fired another blank last night in the shock loss away at MP - transferred to RoPS.

MyPa might introduce new signing Stefan De Las, or not, but his usefulness in any case is doubtful. A few fringe players (Alonen, JJK, Kurittu,MP) are on loan elsewhere.

MyPa Haka
-1 2,36 1,74
-0,75 2,03 1,97
-0,5 1,79 2,27

HJK - IFK Mariehamn preview Aug 30th 2010

Edit: There is a Mason Trafford in the MIFK line-up whom i never have heard of. According to wikipedia he is a defender. Lindström will start alongside Juhani Ojala for HJK.

HJK – IFK Mariehamn kick-off 17.30 CET
Farewell match for Medo, and I would not be surprised if he plays only a part of the game. The first match at HJK for striker Teemu Pukki, who is one of the possible future Finnish internationals. He has talent, but now it is time to step up begin the international career again.

MIFK were plain awful last time after having had to make a change to a key defending position just before the game and I can not see them making the same mistake again that they put a slow centerback for a full back position, against HJK who rely on their wingers it would be a foolish thing to do.

MIFK did climb from the bottom in the midsummer but the latest two losses have dropped them again near the relegation zone in this season´s exciting Veikkausliiga, and they will be concentrated on getting a result also from HJK´s home stadium even if it is the most unlikely venue for that.

HJK have played a lot of european matches lately and it always has its pros and cons; it is tiring but it is also a good learning experience and helps in joining the team together. Honka won last night and are still breathing in their neck in case HJK starts to slip up.

Medo leaving the club creates a big hole in the central midfield position, and even if they resultwise have managed without him before there really is no one to fully replace him and sooner or later it will show.

The Besiktas game at home was actually a rather good one, HJK created several good chances with patience and controlled the ball, and this time the counter attacks will be as dangerous as there is no Quaresma or Guti in the IFK outfit but Mikko Paatelainen and Sasha Anttilainen instead. A bit of a difference there, don´t you think?

There are weaknesses in HJK as well. Juhani Ojala perhaps has played well as a new centerback, but his partners Pyry Kärkkäinen and Peter Magnusson are prone to mistakes and their passing is not accurate enough, this is the part where Medo usually comes in to get the ball from the defence. Lindström could return tonight, but he is regarded almost as a new player after been injured since the league cup in February.

The praised wingers Dawda Bah and Sebastian Sorsa have been most of the season only shadows of their best days, and honestly I see it as a bit of surprise that they had as big lead in the league as they did, regarding also the fact that the goalie Ville Wallén is not a 100 % reliable either. Or perhaps he is reliable, but not a big match winner type. Nothing wrong with him but there are better ones as well.

And the strikers.. well Juho Mäkelä might lead the top scoring table, but most of his goals did come in the early rounds and now they would be most needed, the other options Akseli Pelvas and Jarno Parikka have been ok, but not much more.

The keys to their success have been right offensive full-back Rafinha, mf youngster Johannes Westö who has brought a lot of energy into the team, and usually there are a couple of others from the wide material who has a good day and helps to win the matches needed, sometimes it is mf Cheyne Fowler, sometimes someone else but they are not an unbeatable machine even at home, which has been shown in home matches vs. KuPS and Honka recently.

HJK´s Matias Lindström, Mikko Hauhia and Erfan Zeneli were playing with Klubi04 this weekend and should also be fit to play today. MIFK will miss mf Petteri Forsell and a lot of creativity along with that.

There are always some questionmarks in the air when there are players coming and going and returning from a long-term injury and I am not taking a pre-match bet here, but roughly with current information my limits are like this;

-1.5 2,58 1,63
-1.25 2,21 1,83
-1 1,93 2,08
-0,75 1,73 2,38


Veikkausliiga odds for Aug 30th

There are some interesting team news as well as the transfer window is closing, but here are the odds.


HJK - Besiktas preview by HJK defender Rafinha

Edit: FT was 0-4 and it tells about the difference in front of the goal, HJK also hit the woodwork twice and Besiktas goalie made a few excellent saves, HJK gk did not.

All answers in English in this Veikkausliiga.com video.  To me he speaks too much about how good Quaresma is, but basically it is understandable.

Videos at the bottom of the page;


Rainy and slippery here in Helsinki at the moment. My guess; 1-1.

PoPa - MP highlights, FT 2-0

Just as all MP results have been lately.





Medo transferring from HJK to Partizan Belgrad (?)

Likely, or guaranteed?

Kamara je reprezentativac Sijera Leonea, a za HJK je na 85 utakmica od 2007. godine postigao 12 golova. Pre toga je nastupao za Kups i Kalon iz svoje zemlje.


Goal average at Veikkausliiga 2010 after 19 rounds

It is rather safe to say that we are heading to some 2.7 goal average for this season. Or is it? The start of the season was not especially low-scoring, and a few funny rounds are compensated by a few mid-season low-scoring rounds.

Veikkausliiga 1x2 distribution 2010 after 19 rounds

Winning at home continues to be difficult.49 matches to go.

Veikkausliiga 2010



Round 1 x 2 home away total 1 x 2 avg
1 2 2 3 8 11 19

2 1 3 3 4 9 13

3 2 1 4 11 17 28

4 2 2 3 9 10 19

5 4 2 1 12 8 20

6 2 3 2 6 5 11

7 1 3 3 5 8 13

8 3 2 2 8 10 18

9 2 1 4 7 12 19

10 1 2 4 3 9 12

11 3 0 4 13 14 27

12 4 1 2 18 9 27

13 3 1 3 9 8 17

14 3 2 2 11 7 18

15 3 1 3 7 10 17

16 5 2 0 19 4 23

17 1 3 3 9 13 22

18 1 2 4 5 10 15

19 2 1 4 9 8 17

total 45 34 54 173 182 355 33,8 25,6 40,6 2,67
133 1 x 2 home away total 1 x 2 avg


KuPS - VPS FT 1-2


Shots 11-11
Corners 4-3
yellow cards 0-2

KuPS were without two regular defensive key men Tero Taipale and Ollo, new signing Oliver Risser started in the midfield. Perhaps he is an Namibian international, but his career has been in lower divisions so far and I was not too impressed of what I saw last night.

KuPS also destroyed their title hopes alongside with Honka with this loss, both JJK and VPS showed today that they want to stay in the League. Today´s biggest winner was HJK, who have now breathe more freely ahead of HJK - Besiktas on Thursday.

Honka - JJK FT 2-3 (0-1)


Official league stats:
Shots 20-6
Corners 12-2
Yellow cards 0-3

The end of Honka´s season - at least until HJK blunder on their turn. Last night they struggled at Lahti but the difference was that they brought home those important 3 points.




Interestingly no Hyyrynen or Poutiainen at JJK, the manager Martonen was ass. coach at Honka last season.

Asian odds Honka -1.25 @ 1.93 - JJK + 1,25 @ 1.99, LIVE betting available.

TamU - Inter Turku FT 0-1 highlights




TPS - MyPa highlights Aug 22th FT 3-0





PoPa - KPV highlights

Video FT 3-2


AC Oulu - Haka FT 1-1

FT 1-1. "Anti-football", said angry and disappointed Oulu mf Mika Nurmela after the game.

Indeed. Basically I have nothing against Haka as a club, but it would be a warning for others how not to let unprofessional people involved in the team building process if Haka would get relegated this season. It is what they do deserve after all.

End of live report, I am happy with my early Oulu -0,25. Good night!

Not much new to say about the match, Oulu play better but they are not in any hurry. 
Cautious game, Haka are not really even trying to attack.
Haka try attacking with long balls to Innanen and Multanen, who is too slow not to avoid offside every single time.

17th min Haka defensive blunders almost give a chance for Jonke. 

When Haka get the ball in the defence they keep on losing it back to Oulu right away. Oulu have the possession, no goal chances so far, only goals.

Overish? 1-1 from Hak corner, Nooitmeer. Poor defending.
Oulu controlling, Kukka corner for Oulu. 1-0. Yobe. Thank you! Good corner, and poor goal-keeping.
Regular start, no chances in the early minutes. Raining hard on the artificial pitch.


The asian odds have dropped a hc for right direction, Oulu -0,5 @ 1.95 now.

Oulu have a good starting line-up, Haka have pretty much the best possible they have left, but as mentioned several times before a lot of key players have left the club during the season and they have no firepower left in the team, and the early success with the better team was mainly due to luck and individual skill in set pieces.


Jaro - MIFK live

FT 2-0. A deserved home win. Stats show a more even match than it quality-wise was.

No more live following - time for some wine and for some food. The early thoughts about a MIFK bet were not good in the light of the performance, Jaro was good, MIFK was not. Enjoy your night.

Jaro and entertaining and effective, MIFK will sub Ingves in but that is not going to make any difference, he is a bambilegs.Olofsson also in, out useless Paatelainen and Gruburovics. Good to get them out of the pitch anyway.
Eremenko is superb, gk Ochieng not but only a corner for Jaro.
No value in any bets at the moment, Jaro can soon start relaxing, but they have much better so far in general.
Zeze outruns Dujilo again, but misses the ball. 
I have said this before, but Anttilainen & Paatelainen have no skill. If they had, this would be 2-2. Yellow for Guye from the tackle on Mannström.

2nd half starts, no subs. Two good shots from the 1st attack for Jaro, and one more after the corner.

Listening to the U2 warm-up band unwillingly. The U2 will start their part after the game, and as the stadium is very close it sounds like they are playing in my living room. That is allright, but the sound checks during the day have been a nightmare.

Tried to compare Eremenko Jr and Gruburovics in the midfield, but have not seen the latter almost at all. Beautiful crosses for Jaro, but also from Xhaferi, Kronholm and Niang and not at all Eremenko´s passes hit the target.

45 minutes to go, Jaro scored from almost good chances, but they ripped the left side of MIFK defence every single time. Unbelievably jokers at MIFK defence, and this Dujilo was a praised defender at some publication. Slow, very slow and thus useless vs. Zeze.Both goals could be called own goals, terrible performances.
Soon HT, this could be 3-1, only 2-0. MIFK defence was good - last season.
Grove Jaro good shot, saved by Ochieng. 
Same again.
Zeze makes fun of left side defenders Dujilo and Guye who are slow and clumsy.
Guye MIFK is really clumsy and would not fit into my team.
Paatelainen MIFK hit the post after the corner.
If you have no bet yet but want one, MIFK 0 @2.2 looks ok atm. at 2-0
30 min MIFK have their momentum right now.
MIFK get easily into 20 metres distance, but the finishing is poor.
MIFK counter, another bad shot, this time by Okodugha.
Jaro play well and pretty.
A good chance for Anttilainen MIFK, but he finishes with true Kakkonen style and misses the target.
At the moment Jaro do what they like, and they seem to like attacking.
17 min 2-0. MIFK defence in shambles, Guye misses the ball. Niang.
Lucky goal for Jaro, bad shot by Zeze but reflected from MIFK Ekhalie into their own net. 1-0
10 MIFK back in the game.
7 min. Lively start, Jaro a bit better in the early minutes.

MIFK have been conceding the most of late goals in the league, 16 of the 28 goals conceded have come after 61st minute. They have been the "first half team", 20 goals of 28 scored have come during the first half.

Edit: Local bookie Veikkaus had to update  odds for this as MIFK were heavily favoured at the market. Asian markets MIFK 0 @ 2.35  --> 2.13 now.

Announced and likely line-ups: Both have almost a regluar kind of starting -11, but there is no one really from Jaro bench who could bring anything extra in times of trouble, though will substitute Björkstrand in at some point, and perhaps give Haanpää a chance to show his attacking abilities.


Teles-Matrone-Aho-Vasiljev-Grove-Mannström-Eremenko Jr -Kronholm-Xhaferi-Niang-Zeze



A late missing for MIFK as the captain Mika Niskala is suffering from a minor injury, he would had been a midfielder with a central role, though this season he has not been that good as earlier and could be replaced. Jaro at least start without Sundqvist upfront.

I am planning to collect a few stats from this game  - of everything usual - but about Eremenko Jr performance as well.

VL round 19

All times local.  Latest 6 matches - table

HJK - Besiktas

The biggest Finnish club match is here soon. The visitors have booked the whole North End for their supporters, and with the local Turks around at least the atmospehere should be nice. The chances for qualification are extremely slim for HJK after the 2-0 away defeat, but they exist  - at least until the first Besiktas away goal..

MIFK - AC Oulu highlights round 18/2010 FT 0-2

MIFK - AC Oulu highlights




Ekenäs IF - BK 46 derby. Finland Kakkonen, not the most of glamorous of leagues. FT 0-0. The full story in Swedish here;

Veikkausliiga early odds for round 19/2010

Finland U19 vs Sweden Sept 7th

Jesse Joronen, Fulham FC
Jere Pyhäranta, FC Honka

A good pair.

Samu Nieminen, JJK
Carl Jenkinson, Charlton Athletic
Atte Hoivala, KuPS
Johannes Nordström, IFK Mariehamn
Elja Heiskanen, FC Honka
Kalle Kauppi, FC Inter

Hoivala has been solid at Veikkausliiga this season, the others are less experienced on that level.

Ibrahim Köse, FC Reipas / FC Lahti
Sergei Korsunov, Ilves
Santeri Mäkinen, TPS
Jaakko Rantanen, FC Reipas
Loorents Hertsi, FC Reipas
Valmir Seferi, FC Honka
Nikolai Alho, HJK

Seferi and Alho are good a creative promises.

Juho Lehtonen, PoPa
Tim Väyrynen, FC Honka
Fisnik Gerxhaliu, HJK

A bit short list, and I am afraid only the two upper choices have any talent at the moment, or let us say, enough.


Kakkonen odds Aug 18th

08-18 17:30 AC Vantaa PK Keski Uusimaa  +(0)   1.97   1.91   (2.5 / 3)   1.91   1.95 
08-18 17:30 City Stars Futura Porvoo  -(0.5 / 1)   2.00   1.88   (3)   1.86   2.00 
08-18 17:30 Ekenas IF BK 46  -(0.5)   2.00   1.88   (3)   1.93   1.93 
08-18 17:30 FC Santa Claus TP-47  -(0.5)   1.82   2.06   (2.5 / 3)   1.92   1.94 
08-18 17:30 FC Vaajakoski FC Jyvaskyla Blackbird  -(0.5)   1.87   2.01   (3)   1.86   2.00 
08-18 17:30 Gnistan Helsinki KaPa Helsinki  -(0.5)   2.03   1.85   (3)   2.01   1.85 
08-18 17:30 Honka Espoo 2 GrIFK Kauniainen  -(0 / 0.5)   2.03   1.85   (2.5 / 3)   1.96   1.90 
08-18 17:30 Ilves Tampere P-Iirot  -(1)   1.79   2.09   (2.5 / 3)   1.91   1.95 
08-18 17:30 JBK Pietarsaari GBK Kokkola  +(0)   1.88   2.00   (2.5 / 3)   1.86   2.00 
08-18 17:30 Kiisto Vaasa VIFK Vaasa  -(0 / 0.5)   2.11   1.78   (2.5 / 3)   2.01   1.85 
08-18 17:30 LoPa Lohja Someron Voima  -(0.5 / 1)   1.86   2.02   (3)   1.93   1.93 
08-18 17:30 LPS Helsinki HIFK Helsinki  +(0 / 0.5)   1.76   2.13   (3)   1.94   1.92 
08-18 17:30 Musan Salama Jazz Pori Juniorit  +(0.5 / 1)   1.69   2.23   (2.5 / 3)   1.86   2.00 
08-18 17:30 OPA Oulu Kajaanin Haka  -(0.5 / 1)   1.84   2.04   (3)   2.04   1.82 
08-18 17:30 PEPO Lappeenranta FC Kuusankoski  +(0 / 0.5)   2.07   1.81   (2.5 / 3)   2.01   1.85 
08-18 17:30 Salon Palloilijat Kaarinan Pojat  -(1)   1.89   1.99   (2.5 / 3)   1.86   2.00 
08-18 17:30 Sinimustat Turku Abo IFK  +(0 / 0.5)   1.92   1.96   (2.5 / 3)   2.01   1.85 
08-18 17:30 Warkaus JK SC Riverball  +(0)   1.74   2.16   (2.5)   1.93   1.93 
08-18 17:30 YPA Ylivieska PK-37  -(0.5)   2.02   1.86   (3)   1.94   1.92